Computer/Laptop/Tablet Mouse Pad Rectangular Arab/Persian Design, Rubber, Anti-Slip, Durable (10 styles)

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Computer/Laptop/Tablet Mouse Pad Rectangular Arab/Persian Design, Rubber, Anti-Slip, Durable (10 styles)

Do you want to stand out from your co-workers and peers? Do you want to have a mouse pad large enough where you can move the mouse freely without having to move the actual pad? Do you want a mouse pad that doesn’t fad and will last a long time?

This mouse pad is the answer!

Not only it’s beautifully designed, but it measures at 18x26 cm (7x10 in), which is large enough to fit any type of mouse. It’s also 3 mm thick, which allows for the mouse to move around freely and smoothly!

Get yours today before we run out!