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7 Color Wooden Quran Speaker Cube Touch Wireless Bluetooth with Remote Control, Compatible with Most Smartphones

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Type: Speaker

7 color wooden quran speaker cube touch wireless bluetooth with remote control, compatible with most smartphones.

Comes with 8 gb built-in memory with memory card extending slot.

USB cable.

7 lighting modes/colors to choose from.

Long range bluetooth (4.2).

10 watts HD loud speaker.

Supports FM broadcast.

Compatible with 99% of smartphones and tablets.

10 watts hd loud speaker.

IR smart remote control.

High-quality quran audio.

Qurban ayah-by-ayah translation.

Qurban word-by-word translation.

Complete tafsir audio.

Fm radio.

MP3 player.

Fast surah selection.

Hot key MP3.

18 reciters.

15 language translations.

Weight 1 kg (2.2 lbs)

Dimensions: 17 x 17 x 17 cm (6.7 x 6.7 x 6.7 in).

This is one sure way to learn more about the Quran, verse by verse, as well as teach your kids. What are you waiting for? You will enjoy it!