Free Course 01 - Halal Affiliate Marketing

Free Halal Affiliate Marketing Course For Beginners | Passive Work From Home Income |

Registration Link Of DeeneeShop Affiliate Program,

Benefits Of Being A DeeneeShop Affiliate,
(01) Serve Islam, Muslim Ummah & Get Halal Income
(02) Zero Investment
(03) Work from Home
(04) Work Part Time
(05) Passive Continuous Income
(06) No Educational Qualification Required
(07) No Experience Required
(08) No Age Limits
(09) No Gender Limits
(10) No Targets & No Deadlines
(11) Fully Secured Online Payments
(12) No Limits to Income. Earn Exponentially !
(13) Get Financial Benefits of your Social Media Presence
(14) Help People to get Good Products. Get Work Satisfaction
(15) You are your Own Boss
(16) A Perfect Side Hustle
(17) Earn, even when you Sleep !

Course Content,
(01) Who is an Affiliate Marketer?
(02) Benefits of being an Affiliate Marketer
(03) Is Affiliate Marketing Income Halal (Lawful)?
(04) How DeeneeShop Affiliate Program Works?
(05) Income Master-Plan for Beginners
(06) How to Register as a DeeneeShop Affiliate?
(07) Some Important Useful Links for You

Important Useful Links,
(01) Web Link : Registration Page of DeeneeShop Affiliate Program (Limited Seats, Register NOW)
(02) Video 01 : Islamic Scholar Confirming Income from Affiliate Marketing as Halal (Lawful)
(03) Video 02 : How to create your PayPal Account to receive Affiliate Commission Payment
(04) Video 03 : How to create & Use WhatsApp Broadcast?
(05) Video 04 : 5 Easy Tips For Writing Social Media Posts
(06) Video 05 : How To Create Facebook Posts That Get Shared?

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